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Blogging isn’t just about coming up with words and pushing publish. There is so much more that goes into it.

Research: The key to a good blog post is knowing what your target readers want to know. If they want to learn more about online marketing, then a post about traditional marketing isn’t really going to do well, is it?

Optimisation: You won’t have to worry about black hat SEO techniques here such as keyword stuffing. All posts will be optimised for search engines (and without making you sound like a robot, unless that’s the tone you’re going for).

Applying statistics/examples/data (when relevant): You don’t want to read a post that tells you the blogging is great, you want to know why blogging is great and why it is worthwhile to your business? Such as:

  • Businesses with blogs have a 434% better chance of improving your ranks on search engines (Source: Tech Client).
  • Small businesses that blog get up to 126% more leads than small businesses that do not blog (Source: Think Creative).
  • B2B companies that used blogging as part of their content marketing strategy received 67% more leads than those that didn’t (Source: Hubspot).
  • The title of the fifth most trusted source for online information has been awarded to blogs (Souce: Search Engine People).
  • The consumers have spoken. 78% of customers identify businesses with content available such as blogs, as those who are interested in building good relationships (TMG Custom Media).

How much more convincing was that data-driven copy, right?

Finding your voice: Each post will reflect your brand’s voice and personality. Whether you are more on the serious, formal side, casual conversationalists or the clown of the party, I’ve got you covered.

Sourcing image/s: I’ll just say it now, I am not a designer or photographer. What I am though, is an excellent researcher and blogger who knows how to source royalty-free photos to enhance the written message.

Everything that I have listed here is everything that you can expect from me as your freelance blogger and copywriter. I pinky promise you. And yes, pinky promises are still legitimate foundations of trust.

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