As a blogger, I read plenty of blogs myself. Not only do I read digital marketing blogs, but I am also an avid consumer of health and fitness articles, lifestyle, travel, and creative writing blogs. One thing that I really enjoy that some of my favourite bloggers do is a link round up.

This is where they round up a bunch of their favourite blog posts and articles that they have read to share with their own readers, and I decided to do that here.

There are so many great business and digital marketing posts out there so I thought I would share some of my favourite ones that I have read recently:

Digital Marketing Link Round Up: Content Marketing Strategy

How We Grew Our Organic Traffic by 43% Without Publishing a Single New Blog Post by Hubspot

I tried to keep away from the big names in the game because I believe that most of us would be reading them anyway. But I had to include this post because it is the favourite article that I have recently read. I really enjoyed reading about how Hubspot focused on one article that they had already published to improve their traffic.

Their case study and gamification of “Mission Week” was so interesting to read. It just proves that when it comes to blogging, quantity is not always the path to follow and that writing and publishing posts is only half the battle. Focusing on marketing and really promoting each post can really take you far and grow your traffic.

Read it here.

Getting More Uses Out of Existing Content by John Jantsch

This is another great article that explains great ideas for giving old blog posts new life in a clear and concise manner. I especially liked the point about repurposing old content such as turning blog posts into infographics, email series, or videos.

Not only will this help promote old blog posts but it will cater to your audience who learn in different ways, such as the visual learners.

Read it here.

Digital Marketing Link Round Up: Business & Entrepreneurship

2 Women Who Built a Business While at Goldman Sachs and Marc Jacobs Explain How Corporate Jobs Made Them Better Entrepreneurs by Libby Kane

9-5 has been getting a bad rap lately. As a health and fitness freelancer myself, I am not a fan of the routine corporate job life. However, that’s not to say that the 9-5 work life is completely bad. I am glad for the roles that I had before beginning freelancing because it taught me many skills that I still use today, especially in my first job as a content writer.

In this article, 2 women explain how they have used their experience in their corporate jobs to better themselves as entrepreneurs. I found this article really interesting, especially as I love reading about how people become entrepreneurs and their journey.

Read it here.

Taking the Plunge on Your Start Up by Benjamin Humphrey

Another article that I have recently read and enjoyed follows the journey of Benjamin Humphrey as he founded Dovetail and convinced his co-worker Brad to become a co-founder. He details the qualities you should be looking for in a co-founder to make sure that the person you choose is the right person.

This was an intriguing read because it was an honest, personal account from someone who left a full-time job to pursue both a financial and personal investment. I liked Benjamin’s straightforward approach to writing and that he is not only talking about his experiences but how others can learn from them as well.

Read it here.

Digital Marketing Link Round Up: Social Media

How Successful CEOs Kickstart Their Business with LinkedIn by Joe Escobedo

LinkedIn is not only a really great way for professionals to connect with other professionals and network but it can also drive sales and website traffic. When used properly, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool as these two CEOs featured in the article have discovered.

In this interview-style post, you can learn how to leverage LinkedIn in only 30-minutes a day with successful CEOs who are already proving that it can be done.

Read it here.

Digital Marketing Link Round Up: Work Culture

Why It’s Time We Paid Employees to Exercise at Work by Ryan Holmes

As you already may know, I am huge on health and fitness so any article that advocates for helping employees incorporate fitness into their work life is a big win for me.

In my first internship and job as a content writer, one of my work perks was having a free gym membership at the local gym just around the corner. I loved and really appreciated this and it showed how my work company understood how fitness can help employee wellbeing and concentration, the same way Hootsuite does.

In this article, Ryan, CEO of Hootsuite, talks about how promoting fitness on the job has actually helped his company, cultivated work culture and improved employee performance. It is a great read, and something I am definitely standing behind.

Read it here.

Did you enjoy this digital marketing link round up? Is this something you would like to see more often? What other articles have you read that you really enjoyed recently? Please let me know in the comments below, I would love to know!


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  • Rose Mary Griffith

    Kept this one to refer to in the future. It’s a good listing and although I’ve read the Hubspot one before, I hadn’t read the second post and will do that next. I have so many blogs from my early days that are still current and I’d like to get them out into the world again.

  • Thx for this post, Emily. I was not previously aware of Quora and have now set up a Chocolatour profile there.

  • William Rusho

    Great post. I am definitely going to keep those posts available to me. Being a blogger, I am constantly trying to increase my audience (and very little knowledge on how to do it). Thanks for sharing such useful information.

  • Phoenicia Oyeniyi

    What a great idea Emily, to post several links within one blog.

    I enjoyed reading your article about MAC lipstick give aways which were not quite give aways!

  • Catarina Alexon

    Excellent round up of helpful links, Emily. Personally find Lindedin works very well for me. But of course I use Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus as well. The lattter is a bore but it makes Google happy that we use it. So why not.