About Me

You know that defeated feeling you get when you know that you really should update your health and fitness business blog but can’t seem to find words or the time? Or when you manage to publish a post but can’t seem to find any readers?

Because I know the great feeling I get when I sit down to write health and fitness blog posts that are compelling, engaging and optimised. Or when I publish a post that gets great results.

My name is Emily and I am a freelance health and fitness blogger who can solve all your business blogging problems.

So why not work together?

We are a perfect fit if you…

Don’t know what to write about. Because I am full of tons of ideas and can conduct keyword research to curate the best topics for your customers.

Have great ideas but don’t know how to put them into words. Because I have been translating ideas to paper ever since I was 5 and have been copywriting for three years.

Want to drive more traffic to your website. Because I know SEO and apply these techniques to all my posts.

Have trouble writing consistently great health and fitness blog posts. Because I don’t.

Not only do I have experience as a health and fitness blogger but I also have experience in…

Health and Fitness Blogger | Emily Trinh About MeDancing (ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz, pole dancing), swimming, tennis, newcombe ball, basketball, aerials, hot yoga, Bikram yoga, running, Oz Tag, F45 and powerlifting (my current focus).

As you can see, I am pretty active myself and embody a fit and healthy lifestyle myself.

Combined with a love of writing that I discovered when I was just five years old and a three-year experience as a copywriter (including working in a digital marketing agency), I now work as a freelance health and fitness blogger to help businesses like yours get great results.

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